MOXIE was founded in early 2016 with the goal of bringing a natural deodorant to the active, health conscious community of people who have yet to find something that really works. My name is Francesca, I am a professional dancer, and along with my boyfriend, Ned, we make up MOXIE. For a long time I was unable to find a natural deodorant that was able to keep pace with my lifestyle.


I was brought up with an awareness of what goes in and on my body so I was never comfortable with chemical and aluminum based products but, unfortunately, I was unable to find a natural deodorant that worked. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted to make something that was healthy, safe, free of chemicals and parabens, but still worked. Something that could last through hours of dancing, exercising or just running around wrapped up in a bunch of layers and a heavy scarf.

Today, I am proud to say, MOXIE is that natural option I was searching for. It contains no chemicals, no parabens or toxins, and it is aluminum free. We are an ethical company and all of our products are handmade by us in small batches. Moxie Cream is vegan. It's tested on  friends, family and lots of dancers, never animals. We believe that you can smell good while also making the choice to lead a healthy life.​​

    I hope you enjoy it and thank you for choosing MOXIE!

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